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A Chance Meeting with a Dapper Polar Bear

I love my animals. If it’s cute and furry I’ll probably want to paint it, and by that I mean paint a picture not actually paint the animal! To be honest, I don’t think there are many pieces of artwork I’ve created without an animal in them.

Polar Bear and Tuxedo Cat ACEO Painting by Lisa Marie Robinson

Since the weather has took a turn on the cold side lately, and because of my latest order for Whitby Galleries, my latest ACEO painting features a rather dapper polar bear. Naturally, my adventurous tuxedo cat is also featured and he’s all wrapped up for his chilly chance meeting with the dapper chap!

I haven’t had many eBay auction for a week or two so this ACEO is currently listed until October 14, 2014. Happy bidding!

Bid on The Dapper Polar Bear on eBay.

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