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More Cat Artwork at Whitby Galleries this Month

There is a new collection of cat artwork at Whitby Galleries this month. It’s been a slow year for artists, probably due to the cost of living, nevertheless I just want to say a HUGE Thank You to everyone who has supported me so far this year! Whether you purchased something small, like a badge, or splashed out on a commission, every sale is greatly appreciated.

Cat Artwork at Whitby Galleries July 2023

Cat Artwork at Whitby Galleries July 2023

I’ve really enjoyed working on this month’s collection of colourful cats. Mainly because I got carried away, and ended up with more tuxedo kitties than planned! Oops! Despite an abundance of black and white, I hope there is still a cat that catches your eye. Lots of different themes and settings, including poppies, cacti, apples, unravelled toilet roll, and Whitby themed! Which one is your favourite?

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You’ll find these cat paintings at The Penny Hedge, the original artwork section of Whitby Galleries. The photos of the artwork is taken before they are framed. On arrival at the gallery they are mounted and framed for me by the team. Framed size measures 11.5 inches square and the paintings are around 5 inches square, thereabouts. This collection of cat paintings is a Whitby Galleries exclusive and can only be purchased directly from them. Find them at: 134-135 Church Street, Whitby, UK.

Cat Artwork at Whitby Galleries July 2023

Full list of paintings

#LMR727 – Unravelled (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR728 – Sofa Back Lounger (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR729 – Three Cacti and Me (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR730 – Welcome Home (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR731 – A Trio of Fish (5 x 5 inch)£70
#LMR732 – ‘Neath the Apple Tree (5 x 5 inch)£70
#LMR733 – Feline Vantage Point (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR734 – View from the Top (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR735 – Poppies (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR736 – Fish Pond (5 x 5 inch)SOLD

If you would like to purchase any of the above paintings please contact Whitby Galleries directly. To make the process easier I’ve included all the ref. nos for each painting in the thumbnail preview above, as well as a list which includes the titles of the paintings and sold status.

Orders can be taken by phone or email, or you can pop in to the gallery if you are local. Alternatively, you can get in touch with them via their Facebook page.

* Sold status and prices were last updated on January 13th, 2024, but please check with Whitby Galleries for availability as I am not always made aware of sales until a much later date.

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