Whether you're just dropping by to say hi, or enquiring about artwork & commissions, I'm always happy to hear from you.

You can always reach me via social media, email, or by using the form on this page.

Please check the FAQ below with regards to custom artwork for details on prices, payment and sizes.

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    If you are enquiring about a custom piece of artwork / illustration. Please take a few minutes to read through this list of most asked questions that I’ve received from customers. Some of your questions may have already been answered. Thank you!

    Q: What size of painting / illustration do you paint?

    A: My most popular size of custom illustration is 5 x 5 inches with a half inch border (6 inches in total). I also paint ACEO art cards which are 2.5 x 3.5 inches. I consider myself a small format illustrator so my work is, at max,around 12 inches on the longest side, although, I do tend to keep to sizes of 8″ and below.

    Q: How much do you charge?

    A: Prices vary depending on size and style and reflect the materials used and the actual time spent painting, plus other related work, i.e., time spent on sketches. The base prices listed below are for paintings done in my whimsical style, with one animal in an uncomplicated setting like sat on a sofa or against a wall.

    • £18 (and up) — ACEO art cards (2.5 x 3.5″)
    • £35 (and up) — 5 x 5 inch illustration on paper with half inch border
    • £45 (and up) — 6 x 6 inch illustration on paper with half inch border
    • £60 (and up) — 8 x 6 inch illustration on paper with half inch border
    • £80 (and up) — 8 x 8 inch illustration on paper with half inch border
    • £100 (and up) — 10 x 8 inch illustration on paper with half inch border
    • £120 (and up) — 12 x 12 inch illustration on paper with half inch border
    • Postage & Packing — Paintings are shipped via Royal Mail. Prices vary depending on the value of the painting & your location.
    • Additional sketches or changes — £3 for each change made to the inital sketch / £8 for a completely new sketch

    * prices correct as of June 7th, 2021

    PLEASE NOTE that the price you pay increases as the amount of animals and detail in the painting increases. Things like grass & flowers, or lots of cat toys, take longer to paint. For every extra hour of work I need to complete your painting, £10 is added to the base price. The final price is worked out for you before I start painting so don’t worry, there won’t be anything to pay afterwards.

    Q: How long does it take?

    A: Please allow 5-14 days for completion of your custom illustration as I often have a few projects lined up and on the go at the same time. I always give a rough estimated date of completion.

    Q: How do I pay?

    A: At present I can only accept payments via PayPal. You must pay the invoice in full before I start work on the final painting.

    Q: What if I change my mind?

    A: If you decide to cancel your commission at any point after you’ve paid the invoice you will only receive a 50% refund. As custom artwork is personal and unlikely to be able to be sold to someone else, this partial refund covers my time and materials used up until the time of cancellation.

    * You get the first sketch for free and can cancel at any point up until you pay the invoice at no cost to you.

    Q: When will my painting be shipped?

    A: The complete painting will be shipped within 1-3 days of your approval. You will be emailed a scan or photograph of the finished painting upon completion. If there are any minor changes that you’d like me to make, I will do this free of charge. Things like changing the colour of something or adding a flower.

    Subsequent changes will be charged at £10 per hour and will be invoiced separately.