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10 New Spring Themed Cat Paintings at Whitby Galleries

It’s been a while since I painted anything new for Whitby Galleries. The good news is that despite everything that’s going on at the moment regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus) a new order of Spring themed cat paintings arrived at the gallery earlier today. You can read about how me work schedule is being affected, and what I’m doing, during these difficult & stressful times in my latest post but let’s get back to the kitties!

Spring themed cat paintings – Whitby Galleries March 2020

Spring is well and truly here. To celebrate the arrival of the warmer weather it felt more than fitting to create some Spring themed kitty art! Those with a keen eye will have noticed that not all of the paintings are filled with flowers and greenery.

Spring themed cat paintings – Whitby Galleries March 2020

This month’s set of paintings is more of a ‘before’ and ‘after’ affair. Some of them are of cats enjoying the outdoors. The rest are of them later in the day when they’re tired from their adventuring! You’ll also notice that cats aren’t the only creatures. There’s a lot of birds this month too. Owls, ducks, bullfinches and blue tits.

Spring themed cat paintings – Whitby Galleries March 2020

I’ve really enjoyed painting this bunch of felines and their feathered friends. Which one is your favourite? I’m torn between The Night Watchman and A Mouse in the Shed.

Stay healthy, stay safe and remember to wash your hands!


Professionally mounted and framed. Each artwork measure approx. 5 x 5 inches and the frames are 11.5 inches square. They are only available to buy from Whitby Galleries, 134-135 Church Street, Whitby, UK.

If you would like to purchase one of the paintings featured on this page please contact Whitby Galleries directly. To make the process easier you’ll find the ref. no for each painting in the images above. You can also cross reference them with the titles below.

Orders can be taken by phone, email, or by popping in to the gallery. Although, given the current circumstances I recommend phone or email instead. Alternatively, you can get in touch with them via Facebook.

Full list of paintings

LMR544 – Calico Fields (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
LMR545 – Bedtime Brew (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
LMR546 – The Village Pond (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
LMR547 – Not Quite Awake (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
LMR548 – Risky Flight Home (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
LMR549 – Blue Tit Bush (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
LMR550 – Breezy Reading (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
LMR551 – The Night Watchman (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
LMR552 – Red Shed Driveway (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
LMR553 – A Mouse in the Shed (5 x 5 inch)SOLD

* Sold status and prices are correct as of September 10th, 2020. I try to be as as accurate as I can regarding sold artwork but sometimes sales do go unnoticed and errors can be made. Please ask Whitby Galleries directly for availability.

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