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ACEO & Art for Sale, Whitby Galleries

Bathroom Cats, Nautical Cats, Garden Cats, and Hungry Cats

Hi everyone! I’ve just completed a new order of cat paintings for Whitby Galleries. This month I’ve had free reign to let my creativity run wild and it’s turned out to be a wonderfully varied collection of kitties! There are bathroom cats, nautical cats, garden cats, hungry cats, laundry cats, sleepy cats, curious cats, and knitting cats. Phew!

Whimsical Cat Paintings Whitby Galleries March 2017

Clockwise from top left: Bathroom Buddy, The Knitting Chair, Laundry Day,
Nautical Nick

I don’t know what it is about tuxedo cats. Obsessed? I think I might be, and as expected a little over half of my paintings have a tux making an appearance in some form or other.

I must confess that I’m in love with “Nautical Nick” (bottom left) and wanted to keep him for myself. The nautical kitty theme works rather well. I wonder if it would work with dogs too.

Strokes chin and ponders the idea.

Whimsical Cat Paintings Whitby Galleries March 2017

Clockwise from top left: Alliums & Daisies, Poppies, Family Dinner,
Afternoon Nap

Spring is on the way so I’ve also included a couple of garden and flower inspired pieces. Of course, I had to feature some of my favourite flowers; Giant Alliums, Oxeye Daisies, and Poppies. I was going to paint a fourth flowery themed piece but I ended up with a fish-munching tux and a Victorian-esque framed photo/art wall display instead!

Unfortunately there aren’t any beach cats in this order. It’s still a little early in the year but you’ll be pleased to know that they should be making an appearance in the next few months.


These paintings are available to buy from Whitby Galleries, which is located at 134-135 Church Street in Whitby, UK. Orders can be taken by phone or email and home delivery in the UK can be arranged. As always, please contact the galleries directly with any enquiries about these paintings.

Each one has been mounted and framed in a beautiful black frame (see example) by the gallery. The artwork itself measures approximately 5″ x 5″.

Full list of paintings

  • Bathroom Buddy – SOLD
  • The Knitting Chair – SOLD
  • Laundry Day – SOLD
  • Nautical Nick – SOLD
  • Alliums and Daisies – SOLD
  • Poppies – SOLD
  • Family Dinner – SOLD
  • Afternoon Nap – SOLD

Better be quick to snap up your favourites!

Have a great weekend!

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