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Oooh Prickly! New Handmade Cactus Pocket Notebook

I’ve always wanted to make my own notebooks. I also love cacti. I have about 10 scattered around the house, including one which is about 40cm tall. You’ve probably even seen one or two sneaking in to my cat paintings every now and then. So, it comes as no surprise that my first handmade notebook would be a Cactus Pocket Notebook!

Handmade Cactus Pocket Notebook

I’ve always loved those moleskine notebooks with the recycled brown card covers. I always ended up doodling all over the ones I had with black ink and they looked pretty awesome. Much more interesting than just plain black and white.

Cacti Ink Sketches

This super cute but prickly notebook started out life as a bunch of inky cactus doodles in my sketchbook. Chose the best ones. Made a nifty little repeating pattern should I ever want to make other matching paper based products in the future. Hmmm… What can I make? Sourced some gorgeous kraft card which smells a little like gum tape (love that smell!), and there you have it!

Handmade Cactus Pocket Notebook Inside Back

These little handmade notebooks are a perfect little gift idea for prickly plant lovers, or a treat for yourself! Get them from my Etsy store, just follow the link below.

  • A6 in size (approx 105 x 148 mm)*
  • 300gsm recycled kraft card cover
  • 28 plain pages (56 sides) – 100gsm paper
  • Staple bound

* Please note: As I make these completely by hand, the overall measurement of the notebook may be fractionally smaller than stated after I’ve finished the trimming process. I’m not talking huge amounts, just a millimetre or two.

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