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Illustration Friday: Puppet

Some of you may be wondering what happened to last week’s Illustration Friday. Well, although I did toy around with ideas for the topic, which was Trouble, I wasn’t completely happy with what I had so I didn’t submit anything.

On to this week. The topic is “Puppet” and I know I’m cutting it a little fine, the topic changes tomorrow, but at least I have something to show this week!

30-10-2014 Illustration Friday - Puppet

I’m rather enjoying using Illustration Friday as inspiration so I decided to illustrate this week’s topic as an ACEO which I will be putting up for auction on ebay tomorrow.

I’ve had plenty time to mull this one over and after toying around with marionettes and finger puppets I eventually settled on a hand puppet. A hand puppet shaped like a cat which is being waved in the face of a less than amused tuxedo cat by the owner. Although puppets tend to cheer kids up it obviously doesn’t work on sad kitties.

Hope you like my interpretation of this week’s topic and one benefit of a late submission is that I don’t have to wait as long for the topic to change. I suspect is may be Halloween related considering the date tomorrow!


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