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Ghostly Goings On in my new Halloween Themed Cat ACEO

There’s not long now until Halloween and as it’s my favourite time of year, other than Christmas, I thought I’d paint a few more Halloween themed cat ACEO paintings this week.

Ghostly Going On Halloween Themed Cat ACEO by Lisa Marie Robinson

There’s some ghostly goings on in this morning’s spooky miniature creation that have poor old kitty hiding underneath the covers. He’s putting a brave face on it though and not showing that he’s really just a big old scaredy cat. I wonder if that’s a real ghost or just a feline friend playing a practical joke?

I’ll be listing this new ACEO for auction on ebay later tonight. This ACEO is now listed on ebay until October 27, 2014. View my ACEO painting auctions.

What is an ACEO? An ACEO is a miniature piece of artwork which is the same size as a trading card, 2.5″ x 3.5″. They are affordable, perfect for small spaces, and highly collectible.

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