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Whitby Galleries

Feline Seaside Fun at Whitby Galleries

This morning I was up early adding the finishing touches to a new order of cat paintings for Whitby Galleries. I have this awful habit of forgetting to add whiskers to my cats. I’m not as bad as I used to be but I still forget occasionally. Oops!

There are ten new paintings this month and the themes were feline Summer fun, beach huts, another cat stuck in a cat flap, and a mix of own choice.

31-07-2014 Cat Paintings at Whitby Galleries

I decided to split the order in two and do half with a beach theme and the other half with an at home theme. As I seem to have an obsession with beach huts at the moment I included two with those, one with a tux and one with a tabby.

31-07-2014 Cat Paintings at Whitby Galleries

To finish off the Summer fun set I also added a cat with a surfboard, a tux posing with a lighthouse, and 2 cute little tabbies with a bucket and spade.

My infamous cat stuck in a cat flap painting kicks off the cats at home set. This is the 32nd version of this painting that I’ve done to date and each one has been different. Wow, has it really been that many?

31-07-2014 Cat Paintings at Whitby Galleries

The final four paintings include some personal favourites when it comes to things that cats like doing. A calico in a sink, because we all know cats love sinks, and a tabby squeezed in to a box. Lastly we have a mum and her kittens and a tuxedo sitting in the window.

  1. A Beach Hut for Cat
  2. Bucket & Spade
  3. Surf’s Up
  4. The Lighthouse
  5. Outside Beach Hut 12
  6. A Bit of A Squeeze
  7. A Comfy Calico
  8. A Caring Mum
  9. Jasper’s Spot
  10. Just Fits

Anyway, I hope you like my latest kitty creations and don’t forget, all of my paintings get fully framed by Whitby Galleries before they go on sale priced at £50 unless otherwise stated. If you’re interested in any of the paintings you see here please get in touch with Whitby Galleries sometime after August 2nd, 2014.

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