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Anything For Me? – Tuxedo Cat ACEO

Happy Friday everyone! I’m rounding up the week with a new tuxedo cat ACEO which is currently listed on ebay. Sadly, this will be my only one for around 5-7 days. I’ve just started a new order of Summery cat paintings for Whitby Galleries and those need to be finished before I can concentrate on anything else.

25-07-2014 Anything For Me? Tuxedo Cat ACEO

I had a little bit of an accident with this one during the trimming process and it ended up 1.5mm shorter in width than it’s supposed to be. Oops! I’ve been in two minds as to whether to still offer it for auction because of this but I’ve decided to anyway. Hopefully someone out there won’t mind the 1.5mm difference.

The inspiration for this ACEO is from the love of wanting to see what was in mum’s shopping bags when I was a child. Were there any sugary treats for me? A new toy perhaps, or even stickers for my sticker album? This cat isn’t interested in any of those but he is wondering if there’s any tuna!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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