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ACEO & Art for Sale

Fern the Tuxedo. New Cat ACEO Auction.

I never cease to amaze myself when it comes to inspiration for my paintings. Somehow I can go for days with a complete creative block and then, BAM! It hits me like a bolt out of the blue.

This week my creativity made a hasty return courtesy of Alan Titchmarsh and his Love Your Garden TV show.

Fern - Tuxedo Cat ACEO by Lisa Marie Robinson

Simply titled “Fern”, my second cat ACEO of this week is inspired by Alan’s visit to a fern garden in this week’s show. In a corner of the garden was a tree stump that was surrounded by ferns in different shades of green and reddish brown.

The contrast of colours and the curls and patterns made by the fronds have been stuck in my mind since the episode and ultimately became the setting for the cat in my painting. I hope you like it.

You can bid on this tuxedo cat ACEO on ebay until August 14, 2014. Happy bidding!

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