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ACEO & Art for Sale

It must be Summer! New seaside themed cat ACEOs.

Guess what? It’s that time of year again. Yup. Summer has arrived and with it I’ve gained a sudden urge to start painting seaside themed cat ACEOs… Again! It’s becoming something of a ritual but who doesn’t want to paint blue seas, sunny beaches and cats?

Seaside Themed Cat ACEOS by Lisa Marie Robinson

I can’t think of a better thing to do especially when the warm weather takes on a rather soggy persona. I’ve got a few ideas for more of these beach loving cats in the works but here are the first two to make it off the mini easel.

Fishing for Gulls Cat ACEO by Lisa Marie Robinson

I like to try and tell a story with my paintings and the first ACEO is about a tuxedo cat who is trying to catch a seagull for his supper. Kitty is not content with his fish so he’s using it to catch something a bit bigger, and feathery, by leaning out of a beach hut window with it tied to his arm by a string.

I’ve called this one “Fishing for Gulls” and it is currently up for auction ebay until June 30, 2014.

Up to Your Neck in it Cat ACEO by Lisa Marie Robinson

My second seaside ACEO is inspired by the popular idiom, up to your neck. In this case poor kitty is up to his neck in sand and the seagull from the previous ACEO has gotten his own back by perching on his head. This ACEO will be coming up for auction very soon.

As I say, I have plenty of ideas for more mini paintings along these same lines. Can’t wait to get started on more!

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