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ACEO & Art for Sale

That’s Refreshing! New Cat ACEO up for Auction

Although it hasn’t been particularly sunny this past week it has still been uncomfortably warm and especially so at night. I prefer the cold and even a few degrees above 20 Celsius can make me feel under the weather.

Refreshing: Original Cat ACEO by Lisa Marie Robinson

I sometimes wonder how our animals cope in the heat, hair is bad enough never mind a full fur coat, but at least they can cool off any way they choose. Even the smallest container of water can be refreshing for some animals and in the peak of Summer a bird bath isn’t just for birds. It can be just as refreshing for a cat!

My latest cat ACEO, inspired by the warm weather, features a cheeky tuxedo trying to keep cool in an ornate stone bird bath. Looks like the birds don’t mind either!

This ACEO will be up for auction on eBay until June 23, 2014. You can find more details on the auction page. Happy bidding!

Bid on Refreshing! Original Cat ACEO on eBay

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