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Art on the Go! Tote Bags now at Redbubble

I’ve been away from Redbubble for a little while but a recent email about a new ‘secret’ product which will launch in a few weeks got me heading back to upload a few new pieces. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that another new product, tote bags, had already launched!

New Tote Bags at Redbubble

I love them! I already have a collection of totes available over at Society6 and was wondering if Redbubble were going to get them too.

They are made from a soft hard-wearing spun polyester poplin fabric and have the design printed on both sides. Redbubble’s totes also come in up to 3 sizes; 13″, 16″ and 18″.

I’m already converting my designs to fit the new ‘secret’ product which will launch in a few weeks, can’t say anything more, but in the meantime why not have a browse and treat yourself to a tote or two!

Happy Friday!


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hi Lisa:

perhaps you could help me – I loaded a big file on Redbubble but it still only offers a small size tote. how do I get it to offer 3 sizes? or, where do I go to find answers? (I asked Redbubble twice but no reply)

btw, cute cats!


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