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#Inktober 2018 – Days 9 to 16

I can’t quite believe that I’m already half way through Inktober. This month is flying by so fast! I’m really enjoying crating these mini ink drawings. It’s been a welcome change and has certainly been good for the old grey matter.

They are by no means perfect. (In my mind anyway.) Ink is definitely not my preferred medium when I’m making art but I am growing to like it. Love it, actually. So expect to see more once Inktober has ended.

Inktober 2018 Days 9 - 12

Inktober 2018: Day 9 (Precious), Day 10 (Flowing), Day 11 (Cruel), Day 12 (Whale)

With each day that passes the prompts for Inktober seem to be getting more and more obscure. Obscure in relation to cats anyway. If I hadn’t limited myself to having a cat in every single drawing this would be a lot easier. I am definitely not looking forward to some of the later prompts. Oh boy are there some stinkers!

Inktober 2018 Days 13 - 16

Inktober 2018: Day 13 (Guarded), Day 14 (Clock), Day 15 (Weak), Day 16 (Angular)

Which are your favourites so far? I’m particularly fond of Whale, Guarded, and Weak. Especially, Weak! Every time I look at those sad eyes and drooping whiskers I just want to give him a big hug. Poor kitty!

Available to buy via Social Media

If you are interested in buying any of my Inktober drawings, you can do so via social media. All you have to do is make sure that you are follow me on either Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Or all three if you wish! When you see a drawing you’d like to buy:

  1. Leave a comment or DM me to let me know that you are interested.
  2. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can requesting your email (the one you use for PayPal) and your location.
  3. You’ll receive an invoice within 24-48 hours, and the drawing will be marked as sold.
  4. I’ll post your drawing as soon as I can after I receive payment.

My Inktober drawings are £10 each plus postage. Each one has a paper size of 4 x 4 inches. The drawn image is around 2.5 inches square. All you receive is the drawing. No mount or frame.

P.S. Day 10(Flowing), Day 11 (Cruel), and Day 12 (Whale) have already sold.

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