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A Whole Host of Colouful Cats is here!

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I’m back! Spent the whole of Christmas & New Year with, what I think was, Aussie Flu. A lot of coughing, aching limbs, exhaustion, sore throat, the full symptom list basically! Thankfully I’m a lot better now, and a good job too, because my first Whitby Galleries order of colourful cats has just landed. Yay!

Colourful Cats - Whitby Galleries Jan 2018

Clockwise from top left: “It’s 5pm”, “Woodcutter’s Cottage”, and “In a Sea of Pinks”

No particular brief this month. Just that my paintings had to be colourful, and there’s nothing more colourful than flowers, fabrics, home decor, and wool! So, this month, my kitty illustrations feature a lot of the aforementioned and of course, tuxedo cats.

I try to develop each of my paintings around a little story that I have in my head. “It’s 5pm” is about 2 cats (one being a house cat, the other likes to go outdoors) who wait at the window for their human to arrive home at the same time every day. Rolling about in a bed of pink flowers is the favourite past time of the black & white kitty in “In a Sea of Pinks”. Of course, the story you create may be different to my own thought process.

Colourful Cats - Whitby Galleries Jan 2018

Clockwise from top left: “Bathroom Trio”, “Woollen Dreams”, and “Little Bunny”

“Woollen Dreams” is a personal favourite of mine. Not that I don’t love all the paintings I create. I do, but I always have a few that I like that little bit more. I loved painting the colourful wool in this one and, I did get my eyes in a bit of a tangle! The story behind this one? Just a kitty who loves to snooze on the wool pile but always hugs a ball of his favourite colour.

Colourful Cats - Whitby Galleries Jan 2018

Clockwise from top left: “Between the Covers”, “You can Never have too many Pillows”, “Top Drawer Tabby”, and “Feeling Relaxed”

I’m not going to reveal all the little stories behind the paintings this month. Where’s the fun in that? So I’ll leave you with another favourite of mine, “You can Never have too many Pillows”. This is a reverse situation of the “Princess and the Pea” and based on my own 5 pillow sleeping arrangement. The more pillows you have, the comfier it gets. You can only see three pillows here, but how many more is this kitty lying on?

Purchase these Colourful Cats from Whitby Galleries

This new order of cat paintings should be arriving at Whitby Galleries on January 20th, 2018. Once they arrive they’ll be professionally framed ready for sale. Whitby Galleries is located at 134-135 Church Street, Whitby, UK. You can order by phone and email, or you can pop in. Home delivery in the UK can be arranged. Paintings measure approx. 5″ x 5″ without the frame (frame is larger), unless otherwise stated.

Full list of paintings

  • It’s 5PM – SOLD
  • Woodcutter’s Cottage – £55
  • In a Sea of Pinks – £55
  • Bathroom Trio – SOLD
  • Woollen Dreams – SOLD
  • Little Bunny – SOLD
  • Between the Covers – SOLD
  • You can Never have too many Pillows – SOLD
  • Top Drawer Tabby – £55
  • Feeling Relaxed – SOLD

* information correct as of March 21st, 2018.

Please contact the galleries directly for more information and to check the availability of any of the paintings listed above.

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