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Hand painted Cat Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas is almost upon us! It feels like only yesterday that I was, sitting at my desk, frantically making things for my store last Christmas. I promised myself I would start making things early this year but as usual things have messed up my timetable again. My pendant necklaces probably won’t be finished until nearer Christmas. My 2018 calendar is in the works and ready for sale next week, fingers crossed. I have managed to get my hand painted cat & animal Christmas tree decorations ready in time though. Hoorah!

Hand painted Cat Christmas Decorations

Hand Painted Cat Christmas Tree Decorations
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I am so in love with these tree decorations. They turned out a lot better than I expected too. I wasn’t planning on having a border but I’m glad I did. I love the contrast between the gold and the red ribbon. It looks very Christmassy! The camera doesn’t pick it up very well but the gold has a subtle glittery shine which catches the light.

PEt & Wildlife Christmas Decorations

Fox, Barn Owl, Rabbit and Guinea Pig Hand Painted Christmas Tree Decorations
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This year, instead of just cats, I decided to paint a few other animals as well. There’s a guinea pig, a fox, a barn owl, a rabbit, and a boston terrier which isn’t shown. Each one of these heart-shaped decorations measures approx. 9 x 7cm and has been initialed and dated on the back. Hope you like them.

One thing I wanted to make this year, which I didn’t manage last year, was Christmas cards. After much searching, failed experiments, and doodling I present to you, the Meowy Christmas card!

Cat Meowy Christmas Cards

Cat Meowy Christmas Cards Pack of 4
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I originally had plans to produce some hand illustrated cards. Things didn’t go as planned so instead, I decided to print some myself. I settled on 2 festive cat designs, both of which are wearing Christmas jumpers but one has a star hat, and the other a reindeer antler hat. There are packs of 4 (2 of each design) and single cards available but you better be quick as there are only very limited numbers of each.

Cat Meowy Christmas Gift Tags

Meowy Christmas Gift Tags
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To compliment the Christmas cards I’ve also made a few gift tags. Just like the kitty Christmas cards, there are limited packs of these too. Each pack has 8 folded gift tags (4 each of the 2 cat designs) and come ready threaded with string.

Hope you like my new Christmas goodies. You can see everything you’ve seen here and more over at my Folksy store.

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