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ACEO & Art for Sale, Whitby Galleries

New Tuxedo Cat Paintings at Whitby Galleries this month

To see which of these paintings are still available to buy please click here

It’s been a VERY busy August with most of it spent painting a LOT of new artwork for Whitby Galleries. At the end of July (beginning of August) I painted a large 12″ x 12″ seaside themed kitty painting. It sold after 4 days so I’ve been hard at work this month painting a couple of new similar sized pieces with the same theme, and ten of my smaller 5″ x 5″ tuxedo cat paintings to replace what has recently sold.

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I love how my two large beach cat paintings turned out! Didn’t realize that I hadn’t taken ‘proper’ photos of them until after I posted them so this potato quality one from instagram will have to do. It was partly down to the fact that I was sprinting to the post office to make last collection, and not that I just plain forgot. Honest!

It’s been many years since I painted something so big and I’ve been enjoying it a lot. I think the last large piece was a tulips in glass vase painting I did as a Christmas gift for my mum a few years ago. If you are interested in either of my seaside itty paintings, purchase info can be found at the bottom of the page.

Tuxedo Cat Paintings - Whitby Galleries Aug 2017

Clockwise from top: Jasper’s Sink, The Right Fit, and I’ll Meet you at the One with the View

Almost all of the current stock of smaller cat paintings at Whitby Galleries have sold out. There’re are only about 4 left (as well as a hedgehog & squirrel) so, I’ve been frantically working on a set of 10 to replenish stocks in time for the end of the Summer Holidays. Lots of variety in this bunch including, boxes, beaches, and bathroom sinks!

Tuxedo Cat Paintings - Whitby Galleries Aug 2017

Clockwise from top left: Not Sitting Here, From the Garden, and What Canary?

The black and white tuxedo kitties are the best sellers so I’ve been concentrating on those more than other cat colours. I’ve thrown a couple of other kitty colours in there though, like the tabby on the windowsil. Thought I’d try something a little humorous this time too. I painted a small ACEO version of What Canary? recently and loved how it turned out so I’m trying a larger version.

Tuxedo Cat Paintings - Whitby Galleries Aug 2017

Clockwise from top left: Moonlit Fishing Trip, The Sneaky Snail, It Was His Idea, and By Candlelight

As we all know, Whitby is the home of Dracula, so it only seemed right to paint something a bit medieval-ly and slightly gothic. It’s been a few years since I painted something along these lines and well overdue. May try a few more next time I have an order.

I had planned to take a week off mid August to recharge the old creative juices, and rest my poorly ‘painters’ shoulder. Of course, it had to be put on hold and rescheduled. For the moment, there’s no rest for the wicked as I have two custom pieces that I need to paint first. Here’s hoping my shoulder holds out. Ouch!


Awesome! You can find them at Whitby Galleries right now, 134-135 Church Street located in Whitby, UK. Orders can be taken by phone or email and home delivery in the UK can be arranged.

Full list of paintings

  • Jasper’s Sink – SOLD
  • The Right Fit – SOLD
  • I’ll Meet You at the One with the View – SOLD
  • Not Sitting Here – £55
  • From the Garden – £55
  • What Canary? – SOLD
  • Moonlit Fishing Trip – SOLD
  • The Sneaky Snail – SOLD
  • It was HIS Idea – SOLD
  • By Candlelight – SOLD
  • Coastal Cats – SOLD
  • Catch of the Day SOLD

* information correct as of November 1st 2018

All have been professionally framed and mounted. Please contact the galleries directly for more information and availability of any of the paintings shown above.

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