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ACEO & Art for Sale

New cat and dog artwork for sale this week

It’s been non-stop these past few weeks with no sign of slowing down in the foreseeable future. I’ve been painting for Whitby Galleries and trying out a new range of hand-illustrated thank you cards. My mountain of unfinished work is getting bigger but I have managed to get some of it finished. Hoorah! So here’s a peak at some of the new cat and dog artwork that’s waiting for a new home this week!

Cute Dachshund ACEO Painting

Pierre (the sausage dog) – Original ACEO
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The little guy above is Pierre. He’s a sausage dog who enjoys studying French culture and takes online art classes. I painted this ACEO using acrylic paints on watercolour paper. It’s been a long time since I’ve painted any dog art so I’ve started a new series of ACEO art cards featuring dogs wearing hats. Pierre is the 2nd painting in this new series.

Silly Pug ACEO Painting

Pugsley (the pug) – Original ACEO
Buy it on Folksy

The first painting in the ‘Dogs Wearing Hats’ ACEO series is this silly pug. His name is Pugsley and he likes to be different. Wearing a normal hat, like a bowler or beanie, is so last year. Newspaper hats are the height of fashion for this little pup! Just like Pierre, I’ve used acrylics on watercolour paper for this piece. Both are available from my Folksy store for £12 each.

Tuxedo Cat at the Beach Illustration

Last week I spent many a back breaking hour (I had to stand rather than sit to paint this one) painting a slightly larger than normal kitty piece for Whitby Galleries. It’s Summer so a seaside theme was inevitable. The vast 12 x 12 inch area allowed me to cram pack this painting with loads of fun beachy stuff. Beach huts, a starfish, rocks, a beach ball, and let’s not forget plenty of sand, sea, and seagulls!

I was going to waffle on about it being painted in acrylics on watercolour paper, and how it has a beautiful black frame and mount which matches my smaller paintings. I’m not going to waffle on because it’s already been sold! 4 days after it arrived at the gallery, it was bought along with a couple of my smaller pieces. That’ll teach me for not doing this post sooner!

What’s next?

At the minute I’m burning the midnight oil working on 12 new paintings for Whitby Galleries, 2 large like the one above, and 10 of my smaller ones. I’ve almost caught up with the pile of unfinished paintings so hopefully they’ll be finished and up for sale soon. I also have a couple of commissions in the pipeline which I’ve had to put on hold for the moment, along with my week off. Hopefully, I’ll be able to put my feet up for a little while soon.

Til next time!

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