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New Hand Painted Wooden Cat Tree Decorations & Christmas Gift Tags

The weekend is almost here, again, and we’re over half way through November already! Christmas is almost upon us so this week I have some new Christmassy products for sale. Some hand painted wooden cat tree decorations and some Christmas gift tags. Yay!

Hand painted Wooden Cat Tree Decorations

For all of you cat fans out there, that might want to hang something unique on your tree this year, I’ve been making heart-shaped wooden tree decorations. Made from 4mm thick birch plywood, there are 5 in total for sale. Each one has a different colour cat painted by hand on to the front. You can choose between a tuxedo, a ginger tabby, a grey tabby, an odd eyed white cat, and a calico. The backs are plain black with the date they were made and my signature in white (no photo of this, sorry).

Hand painted Wooden Cat Tree Decoration

Each one comes with a red ribbon for hanging on your Christmas Tree, or elsewhere if you so choose, and you also get a dark red wine coloured velveteen bag to protect them when not in use.

These wooden decorations are approx. 8 x 8cm and priced at £10 each (+P&P). Get them are from my Etsy store.

Santa Cat Christmas Gift Tags

I’ve also added some more Christmas gift tags to my inventory. Instead of peel and stick though, this time I’ve made some folded gift tags with festive string. The first design features a whimsical illustration of a Santa cat and a little mouse.

Polar Bear Christmas Gift Tags

The second design for sale is of a cute polar bear wearing a Santa hat. These Christmas gift tags come in packs of 4, are priced at £2 per pack, and are also available from my Etsy store.

I make these packs of tags as they are ordered. If you would like a different amount of tags per pack, 5 or 6 for example, drop me a custom request via Etsy and I’ll get them made for you. Price will reflect the increase or decrease in the number of tags requested (i.e., £3 for 6) and if you want 8, then just order 2 packs!

Hoping to have some more last minute stocking fillers and Christmas gifts for sale next week but until then, have a great weekend!

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