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The 2017 Cat Calendar has landed!

After months of picking the perfect illustrations, searching for the perfect paper and working out how to make one myself, I give you my 2017 Cat Calendar!

2017 Cat Calendar by Lisa Marie Robinson

These A4 calendars are made by hand and have 14 pages in total, 12 months plus front and back cover. As I have no way of binding the pages together like a regular store bought calendar, I’ve chosen to use a satin ribbon & hole method instead. The ribbon holds the pages together and can also be used to hang the calendar on the wall. Simply remove the ribbon, change the month, put the ribbon back on, rehang!

2017 Cat Calendar Month by Month

I’ve used a gorgeous satin coated 250gsm paper made by Ilford to make these. Although it looks it in the photo, this paper isn’t bright white like others are. It has a lovely warmness to it which compliments my illustrations and is more like the whiteness of the paper I used for the original illustrations.

These calendars are made specifically for the UK as I have included UK Public Holidays and Notable dates for each month. I can make them without the holidays and dates included for non-UK residents (or if you just don’t want them included) so just ask. More details are on the product page.

Please note: Calendars were available for a limited time only and are no longer available.

As I am making these calendars to order, please allow between 3-5 days for me to make and ship them. Although, I always try my very best to get things done quicker than the estimate. Finally, I’m selling these calendars for a limited time only and they will be removed from sale by mid-January 2017.


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