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ACEO & Art for Sale, Whitby Galleries

Country Creatures Artwork at Whitby Galleries

As mentioned in my previous post, this month there’s something a little bit different at Whitby Galleries. A small collection of Country Creatures artwork. What? No cats? Yes. No cats. Instead I’ve been painting cute critters from the small selection of mammals and birds that are native to the UK countryside.

I must admit I got a little bit carried away with moons and scarves but I hope you all like these just as much as my kitties!

Country Creatures Artwork Collection Whitby Galleries November 2016

Clockwise from top left: Moonlit Meadow, Prickles, & Ready for Winter

To see which of these paintings are still available to buy please click here

As I said, I may have gotten a little too obsessed with painting moons. The first moon appears behind a blue-eyed red fox taking a stroll through a grassy meadow. I was going to call this one “Blue Eyed Red” but I totally forgot I’d already picked a title. “Moonlit Meadow” it is then.

The other moon paintings feature snow laden landscapes. One with a scarf wearing hare, and the other is a scarf wearing badger drinking tea while having a chat with a robin. You can see better images of badger and hare in the next photo.

Country Creatures Artwork Collection Whitby Galleries November 2016

Clockwise from left: Snow Hare, Winter Feast, & Badger and Robin

The other UK critters in this small collection are a sleepy hedgehog and his teddy bear, a nut-carrying red squirrel, and a cosy little owl. Two of which might just be wearing scarves.


My Country Creatures artwork will be available to buy from Whitby Galleries, located at 134-135 Church Street in Whitby, very soon for £55 each. If you’re unable to visit in person, orders can be taken by phone or email and home delivery can be arranged. As always, please contact the galleries directly with any enquiries about these paintings. Each one is fully framed and the artwork itself measures approximately 5″ x 5″. Paintings from this order should hopefully be available for sale from November 14th 2016 onward.

Full list of paintings

  • Ready for Winter – SOLD
  • Badger & Robin – SOLD
  • Moonlit Meadow – SOLD
  • Prickles – SOLD
  • Snow Hare – SOLD

* information correct as of October 11th 2017

Right then. I’m off to make some new goodies for my Etsy store and finish crocheting a scarf before the Winter chill gets even more Wintery. Did I mention I’ve been obsessed with scarves?

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