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Whitby Galleries

Cats with other Animals! New Paintings at Whitby Galleries

I have some new paintings at Whitby Galleries this Easter and this time around it’s not just cats. This time it’s cats with other animals! Only half of the 8 new paintings feature kitties and their furry friends so if you want one, you better be quick!

Cats with other Animals Illustrations at Whitby Galleries March 2016

For some reason I love to paint cats with animals that they wouldn’t mingle with under normal circumstances. When you think about it. What animal do cats mingle with? Sometimes they don’t even like other cats! Anyway, back to the paintings!

There are a couple with dogs. My favourite is the one where kitty has stolen the Jack Russell’s bed. Although, I do like the tabby and beagle pup snuggled together too! Another painting has an owl on a red roof, and in the final one there is a squirrel in a tree.

Cat Illustrations at Whitby Galleries March 2016

The other 4 paintings just have cats in them and I’ve been revisiting some favourite themes. First we have an inquisitive grey tabby cat inspecting the clothes drawer. Next is another tabby, this time ginger, and he’s managed to get in to a box of chocolates.

Third is based on a location in Whitby that isn’t far from Whitby Galleries, The 199 Steps which lead up to Whitby Abbey. Not sure if there are any cats there normally but these 3 look content. Finally, we have a tux relaxing on his favourite vintage armchair with his favourite vintage bunny rabbit. Snuck that last non-cat animal in there but since it’s a toy, I suppose, technically it doesn’t count!

Not sure when these will be available to buy. They arrived at the gallery at the end of last week but I’m not sure whether they are being kept until over Easter. If you are interested in any of them, you can email Whitby Galleries directly with your queries.

As with all my paintings for Whitby, each one is fully framed and the artwork itself measures approximately 5″ x 5″.

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