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Whitby Galleries

New Seaside Cat Illustrations Have Arrived at Whitby Galleries

The weather was gorgeous last week and I spent all of it cooped up inside working on a new set of 8 cat illustrations for Whitby Galleries. It’s always the same. Nice weather when I can’t enjoy it which quickly turns miserable when I can. I didn’t mind too much though because these were seaside cat illustrations!

Posing with Gulls and Where’s Henry?

First up is a cheeky ginger tabby cat sitting on the beach posing alongside some seagulls. Originally one of my gulls was standing on only one leg but it looked a bit weird, even though they do this, so I gave him two.

Up next is a tuxedo getting ready for his photo to be taken beside the beach hut but someone is missing. Unfortunately, his friend Henry has other ideas and is hiding inside the hut. Guess he doesn’t like photos.

My Sand & Shell Friend and Red, Yellow, Green & Blue

My cats are quite clever felines, and the tuxedo in my next illustration has created a friend from sand and shells.

Only 2 more seaside themed ones left and they are both loosely based on Whitby beach. The penultimate one features the red, yellow, green and blue beach huts that can actually be seen along the beach at Whitby.

Seems Comfy and Harbour Dreams

The finally Whitby based illustration (right) is kind of a mash-up of things you can see from the harbour. I have the huts, although I’ve made them striped, part of the pier, and the church and abbey on the hill. You’ll never find this exact view as it doesn’t exist but hopefully people will see the connection.

I didn’t want to do them all with a seaside theme so the final three see the cats come indoors. The first homely one (left) is from a home with very bright decor and the family tux is scoping out a new chair checking to see if it’s comfy or not.

Cooling Off and Good Morning

My second home themed illustration sees tux taking a dip in the tub, and last but not least, a sneaky tabby cat waits behind the bedside table for his human to wake… at least 7am isn’t too early!

They all arrived safely yesterday and should be available for sale very soon. Each one is fully framed, the artwork measures approximately 5″ x 5″, and they cost £50. Please contact Whitby Galleries with any enquiries you may have regarding these illustrations.

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