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A Few Feline Goodies

Who wants feline goodies? Keyrings and postcards to be exact. The weather hasn’t exactly been great so I spent this morning, and yesterday morning, making a few keyrings and photographing things.

Cat Postcards by Lisa Marie Robinson

First up are postcards. I’ve had these sitting in my drawer for a few months now and have only just gotten around to listing them. They have been professionally printed on a gorgeously thick 350gsm card stock from sustainable sources. The image side has a gloss finish and the reverse has a satin finish.

I wasn’t sure at first if a pen would write on the satin surface, silly I know. I can confirm, that after testing a sample with a biro, that you can. Just don’t go rubbing the ink straight away or you may end up with a slight smudge.

My Cat Postcards are available on ebay for £1.20 each. There are only 5 of them so you better be quick.

Cat Keyrings by Lisa Marie Robinson

The other fab feline goodies I have for you are keyrings. Made from acrylic and hand assembled by me, these keychains contain mini prints of some of my cat ACEOs which I have printed and cut by hand. Each one comes in its own handmade packaging.

My Cat Keyrings are also available on eBay for £3 each. There were four but one has already sold. Be quick if you want one.

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