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Whitby Galleries

Cat Paintings at Whitby Galleries: February 2023

Hello! Dropping in to let you all know that there is a brand new collection of colourful cat paintings at Whitby Galleries this month. It’s been three or four month since my last collection was on sale. The last of which sold as I was working on these ones. Took me a little longer than planned to complete this collection thanks to illness on the first week back after New Year but better late than never.

Collection of cat paintings

Cat paintings by Lisa Marie Robinson

The imminent Spring weather and lazy days inside keeping out of the cold, but milder, weather is the main theme running throughout the paintings this month. Indoors we have lazy (and incredibly naughty) cats are snuggled in their beds, amongst wool and being comforted by cosy blankets. Outdoors is packed full of flowers, green grass and Whitby inspired scenery.

Collection of cat paintings

Cat art by Lisa Marie Robinson

With Valentines’s Day just around the corner I thought it’d be nice to include something with a subtle nod to that special day. Fresh flowers aren’t just for special occasions but nothing says “I love you” more than a bunch of red roses. “A Fresh Bouquet” is one of my favourites from this collection so I hope it finds a home.

Collection of cat paintings

Cat artwork by Lisa Marie Robinson

I also need to apologise for not updating my blog in over a year. Oops! I had plans to give my website a massive overhaul and decided to not post until it was done but the overhaul never happened. It kept getting pushed back due to other work commitments and now here I am a year later and it still hasn’t happened. It is coming and hopefully it’ll be done in a few months.


Each painting has been professionally mounted and framed by the gallery on arrival. Framed size measures 11.5 inches square and the painting itself is around 5 inches square. These ten cat paintings are exclusive to Whitby Galleries, 134-135 Church Street, Whitby, UK and can only be purchased from them.

Full list of paintings

#LMR705 – Unexpected Shed Dweller (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR706 – Meeces Pieces (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR707 – A Fresh Bouquet (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR708 – Knitter’s Companion (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR709 – The Artist’s Cat (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR710 – Clear Coastal Skies (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR711 – Comfort Blanket (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR712 – A Ted on the Bed (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR713 – Fishy Tail (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR714 – Floral Retreat (5 x 5 inch)£70

If you would like to buy one of the above paintings please contact Whitby Galleries directly. To make the process easier I’ve included the ref. no for each painting in the preview photos as well as beneath. You can also cross reference them with the list above to see their sold status.

Orders can be taken by phone or email, or you can pop in to the gallery if you are local. Alternatively, you can get in touch with them via their Facebook page.

* Sold status and prices are correct as of June 13th, 2023. Please check with Whitby Galleries for availability as I am not always made aware of sales until a much later date.

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