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New Autumnal Cat Paintings at Whitby Galleries

I have some new Autumnal cat paintings for sale at Whitby Galleries! Really want to thank all of you that have purchased a kitty painting from the gallery over the past few months. It really means a lot especially during these strange and stressful times. I’m still amazed at how quickly my paintings are finding new homes. So quickly, in fact, that I’ve not long finished my 32nd painting for Whitby Galleries since the beginning of August!

Autumnal Cat Art at Whitby Galleries

Autumnal Cat Art at Whitby Galleries

Not all of the paintings have Autumn themes but I have used a lot of Autumn colours. Yellows, reds, and oranges! As you know, I like to base my paintings on a little story. And with the colder months now here the kitties are mostly staying indoors and keeping warm and toasty.

Autumnal Cat Paintings at Whitby Galleries

Autumnal Cat Paintings at Whitby Galleries

Just like outside, the great indoors is an adventure playground just waiting for mischief. So when they aren’t sleeping the day away they’re getting up to all kinds of trouble. Like, squeezing out an entire tube of toothpaste and getting tangled in my latest knitting project.

Autumnal Cat Artwork at Whitby Galleries

Autumnal Cat Artwork at Whitby Galleries

Hope you all enjoy my latest feline offerings. Thank you again for all the sales, and thank you for all your likes, comments & shares over on social media. Right then. I’m off to paint more kitties!


All the paintings shown above have been professionally framed to compliment the artwork. The framed size is 11.5 inches square, and the painting itself is around 5 inches square. These paintings are exclusive to Whitby Galleries, 134-135 Church Street, Whitby, UK.

If you would like to buy any of the paintings featured on this page please contact Whitby Galleries directly. To make the process easier you’ll find the ref. no for each painting in the images above. You can also cross reference them with the list below to see their sold status.

Your orders can be taken by phone, email, or by popping in to the gallery. You can also get in touch with them via Facebook.

Full list of paintings

#LMR576 – Autumn Finds (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR577 – Looks Cold Out There (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR578 – I’d Rather Not (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR579 – Queen of the Foot Stool (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR580 – Blooms & a Brew (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR581 – Pumpkin & Mouse (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR582 – Wasn’t Me (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR583 – Playtime Nap with Friends (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR584 – All Aboard the Snugglepuss (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR585 – In a Tangle (5 x 5 inch)SOLD

* Sold status and prices are correct as of May 7th, 2021. I try to be as as accurate as I can regarding sold artwork but sometimes sales do go unnoticed and errors can be made. Please ask Whitby Galleries directly for availability.

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