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New Arrivals at Whitby Galleries – October 2020

Hello! Hope everyone is well. It’s officially October. My favourite month of the year. Spooky goings on, lots of pumpkin soup and an excuse to buy more Halloween themed knickknacks. It also means some new arrivals at Whitby Galleries. 10 brand new cat filled paintings to adorn your walls!

New Arrivals at Whitby Galleries - October 2020

All Hallows Eve (#LMR570), My Pumpkin Place (#LMR574), A Comfy Nighttime Spot (#LMR568)

No. You’re not imagining things. I have only just completed an order of kitty paintings not that long ago. 3 weeks ago. The last clowder of cats were so popular they had almost sold out within a few days of arrival. Thank you all so much. So, I’ve been hard at work creating another 10 kitties. Let’s see how long these ones stay put!

New Arrivals at Whitby Galleries - October 2020

Laundry Day Helper (#LMR567), Mouse Trap (#LMR573), My Cat is a Terrible Mouser (#LMR569)

As with previous orders, it’s a pretty mixed bunch with something for everyone, I hope. Naturally, I had to sneak in a couple of slightly spooky kitties. It is October after all! The rest though are a nice mix of house cats, harbour cats, outdoorsy cats,and cats being cats!

New Arrivals at Whitby Galleries - October 2020

Quaintly Quiet (#LMR572), Robins & Berries (#LMR566), Milk Monitor (#LMR575), Let’s Go Fishing (#LMR571)

…And as I’m writing this post, I’ve just been informed that 2 paintings have already sold. Better be quick if you want to nab your favourite!


Each painting has been professionally mounted and framed to compliment the artwork. They artwork measures approx. 5 x 5 inches, the framed size is 11.5 inches square. These paintings are only available to buy from Whitby Galleries, 134-135 Church Street, Whitby, UK.

If you would like to buy any of the paintings featured on this page please contact Whitby Galleries directly. To make the process easier you’ll find the ref. no for each painting in the images above. You can also cross reference them with the titles below.

Your orders can be taken by phone, email, or by popping in to the gallery. You can also get in touch with them via Facebook.

Full list of paintings

#LMR566 – Robins & Berries (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR567 – Laundry Day Helper (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR568 – A Comfy Nighttime Spot (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR569 – My Cat is a Terrible Mouser (5 x 5 inch)£70
#LMR570 – All Hallows Eve (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR571 – Let’s Go Fishing (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR572 – Quaintly Quiet (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR573 – Mouse Trap (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR574 – My Pumpkin Place (5 x 5 inch)SOLD
#LMR575 – Milk Monitor (5 x 5 inch)SOLD

* Sold status and prices are correct as of December 7th, 2020. I try to be as as accurate as I can regarding sold artwork but sometimes sales do go unnoticed and errors can be made. Please ask Whitby Galleries directly for availability.

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