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New Cat Illustrations at Whitby Galleries this Month

If it feels like only yesterday when I announced that the 1st order of 2019 was heading to Whitby Galleries, then you’d be right! It was just over a month ago. No sooner had I put the brushes down, I found myself picking them back up again to work on yet another set of kitties to arrive in time for half term.

Cat Illustrations at Whitby Galleries

Cat Illustrations at Whitby Galleries

I’ve had a lot of fun with these ones. With the weather starting to get a bit warmer I decide on bright, cheery colours and themes. Among them are a ginger tabby down by the river, an all white kitty enjoying a spot of yoga, and a trio of food driven felines.

To check which of these paintings are still available to buy please click here
Cat Illustrations at Whitby Galleries

Cat Illustrations at Whitby Galleries

Every now and then I get asked to included another variation of my infamous ‘cat in a cat flap’ painting. I love painting this one. Mainly because my father mistook it as being a cat with rolls of wallpaper under its legs? Don’t ask. I’m blaming his bad eyesight. Still makes me chuckle every time.

It also proves very popular, and this month is no exception as it has already sold.

Deer, Cat and Badger Illustrations at Whitby Galleries

Deer, Cat and Badger Illustrations at Whitby Galleries

Last month I was asked to included a couple of non-cat paintings. They fox and rabbit I decided on did well, selling pretty much straight away, so I’ve included another 2 in this order. This time though they are a badger, and a baby deer. For some reason I’ve been obsessed with moons when painting these non-kitty ones. Maybe it’s because most of our native wildlife is nocturnal, hmmm?


These little illustrations are available right now from Whitby Galleries. They are professionally mounted and framed. The paintings measure approx 5 x 5 inches and the frames are around 11.5 inches square.

If you are interested in buying or reserving a painting please contact Whitby Galleries directly quoting the ref. no which can be found beneath each painting in the photos above. Reservations and orders can be taken by phone, email, or by popping in to the gallery. Alternatively, you can get in touch with them via Facebook.

Full list of paintings

LMR476 – After the Rain – SOLD
LMR477 – Iz Dat Fud We Hearz? – SOLD
LMR478 – At the Water’s Edge – SOLD
LMR479 – Bit of a Squeeze – SOLD
LMR480 – Moving House – SOLD
LMR481 – Me & My Mouse – SOLD
LMR482 – Polka Dot Pot – SOLD
LMR483 – Downward Cat – SOLD
LMR484 – The Badger – SOLD
LMR485 – Daisy – SOLD

* Sold status and prices are correct as of July 6th, 2019.

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