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More Kitty Capers Heading to Whitby

It’s been a few months since I painted anything for Whitby Galleries. Then completely by surprise an avid collector of my work bought quite a few paintings all in one go. Thank you whoever you are, you are AWESOME and it really means a lot to me! So, I’ve been sitting for the past 3 weeks painting some new kitty capers so that there is something in stock over Christmas.

Kitty Capers - New Paintings at Whitby Galleries

Kitty Capers – New Paintings at Whitby Galleries

The reason why it’s taken me a bit longer than usual to get these completed is down to a few things. One. I tend to suffer from creative block at the worst possible times (there’s a reason for this which I’ll talk about in another post.) Two. I’ve also been working on some Christmas decorations which you can read about further down this post.

To check which of these paintings are still available to buy please click here

This month’s offering of kitty capers has a slightly seasonal feel to it. Rather than go full on Autumnal I decided to use a lot of Autumnal colours. Okay. You got me. There is one very windy & leafy autumn painting but the rest are mostly seasonal in colour only. Oranges, yellows, reds, browns. That sort of thing.

Kitty Capes - New Paintings at Whitby Galleries

Kitty Capers – New Paintings at Whitby Galleries

Joining the paintings this month are a batch of cute festive hanging heart decorations. Each one has been painted with a cat wearing a Christmas jumper. There are 10 in total with a nice selection of cat colours from tuxes to tabbies. I’ve deliberately chosen 3 of the most festively coloured ribbons (cranberry, teal, and green) and painted the jumpers to match.

Cats in Christmas Sweaters Decorations

Cats in Christmas Sweaters Heart Decorations

It’s not just the front of these hearts that have been painted. The reverse side has too and shows the back of the cat along with my initials and the month/year of completion. Each one is different and totally unique. We trialed a few of these a few month ago and as they were such a success I’ve made more. They retail for £22*


These paintings are exclusive to Whitby Galleries. If you are interested in my work and would like to buy or reserve a painting please contact them directly. I have provided the names and ref no. of each painting below. You can use these to make it easier for you when enquiring about my work. Reservations and orders can be taken by phone, email, or by popping in to the gallery. Alternatively, you can get in touch with them via Facebook.

Whitby Galleries Nov 2018 All Paintings

Full list of paintings

LMR454 – Doorstep Visitor – SOLD
LMR455 – The Roost – SOLD
LMR456 – Autumn Leaves – SOLD
LMR457 – Fur & Peace – SOLD
LMR458 – Off the Hook – SOLD
LMR459 – Fresh Fish – SOLD
LMR460 – A Relaxing Sea View – SOLD
LMR461 – All the Toys – SOLD
LMR462 – Unlikely Pals – SOLD
LMR463 – Little Miss Rainbow – SOLD

* Sold status and prices are correct as of May 9th, 2019.

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