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More Fabulous Feline Paintings have Arrived at Whitby Galleries

Hello! I should have posted this a few days ago but I’ve been busy doing nothing. Well, not nothing. I’ve just been so busy recently that I’m a little burned out and taking things easy. I will be having a short break but before that I thought it best to let you know that I have more fabulous feline paintings at Whitby Galleries this month.

Indoor Cat - Illustrations at Whitby Galleries

Indoor Cat Themed Illustrations (Whitby Galleries September 2018)

Summer will be coming to an end soon. The kids are back at school and the shops already have Christmas stuff. (You didn’t read that wrong. They have Christmas stuff!) With all of those things in mind this new set of paintings is less beachy and Summery. No sailors or sunbathing kitties in sight.

To check which of these paintings are still available to buy please click here

Instead, this month’s feline offering is a mix of homely situations and outdoor exploration. It’s also the return of my infamous ‘Cat Stuck in a Cat Flap’ painting. I’ve lost track at how many different versions of this I’ve done over the years. Thank you for loving it as much as I do!

Cat Paintings - Whitby  Galleries

Cat Paintings (Whitby Galleries September 2018)

The kids are finally going back to school. Yes! So I’ve included a little something inspired by that (top left). Don’t think many kids take apples for the teacher anymore but this ginger tabby certainly does!

Outdoor Cat Illustrations at Whitby Galleries

Outdoor Cat Illustrations (Whitby Galleries September 2018)

The bullfinches have made a return this month too. Just one. He want’s the last bunch of juicy berries on the tree but there’s a big furry butt in the way! Love these little birds. They are so characterful! As you can see, the rest of the kitties in my paintings are doing what cats do. Mostly lazing around withe a little bit of mischief thrown in for good measure!



The cat paintings featured in this post are available to buy from Whitby Galleries. They have 2 separate galleries side by side. One sells prints and the other, the Penny Hedge Gallery, sells framed Originals. If you are interested in my work and would like to buy or reserve a painting, please contact one of the friendly members of staff at the gallery. Reservations and orders can be taken by phone, email, or by popping in to the gallery.

Whitby Galleries August Thumbnails

Full list of paintings

1 – Milly the Farm Cat – SOLD
2 – Ready to Harvest – SOLD
3 – The Arm is Best – SOLD
4 – Checking the Weather – SOLD
5 – Bit of a Squeeze (#38) – SOLD
6 – The Last of the Berries – SOLD
7 – Apple for Teacher – SOLD
8 – The Pink Chair – SOLD
9 – Tabby Tease Tail – SOLD
10 – Teddy Boy – SOLD

* information correct as of May 10th, 2019.

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