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My eBay Seller ID is Changing

Important Information about my ebay ID

My eBay seller ID has now changed to LisaMarieArtAndIllustration. If you are not seeing the change, please refresh your browser and clear your history. Thank you.


From Monday 20th August, 2018 my eBay seller ID will change.

Why is it changing?

My current eBay ID (jeordiekeenanfreese) is an old personal account which I upgraded to a business account. The ID makes no sense with regards to my brand so it’s time to change it so that it matches everything else. New fans of my work will also be able to find me on eBay easier.

Will I have a Brand New Account?

No. Everything will remain exactly the same as it is now. I will still have my 1000+ feedback score, my current listings, recent sold listings, etc. Only the ID (seller name) will change.

Do you, as a buyer, have to do anything?

No. If I am saved to your ‘fave sellers’ list I will still be there. The only difference is that, from Monday onwards, my ID will have changed and an icon will be shown to reflect this.

My new eBay ID is…

Providing all goes to plan, and eBay doesn’t have a character limit on seller IDs less than that of my new one, my new ID will be: lisamarieartandillustration

In the event that I am scuppered by eBay, and a dreaded character limit, I will update you on the situation and let you know my new, new name! Fingers crossed.

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