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New Art: Cats in Striped Shirts

I feel like I’m forever playing catch up at the moment. The only problem is that I’m finding it hard to get motivated too. Think it must be the sudden warm weather. That, and the room I work in gets ridiculously warm from the early morning sun. I hate the heat. On the plus side, it has inspired some rather Summery cats in striped shirts!

Cats Wearing Striped Shirts Illustrations

Cats in Striped Shirts Illustrations – Framed Examples (frames not for sale)

Meet Blaze and Henry! Blaze is the tuxedo kitty wearing the green & white striped shirt. Henry is the grey tabby wearing the yellow-orange & white striped shirt. When I’m struggling with new ideas, or a current painting I’m working on, I like to go back to basics. I find that painting cat portraits (or other animals) helps. Nothing fancy. Just a cat, a plain coloured background, and not much else.

Tabby Cat Wearing a Striped Shirt Illustration

Tabby Cat Wearing a Striped Shirt Illustration

Tuxedo Cat Wearing a Striped Shirt Illustration

Tuxedo Cat Wearing a Striped Shirt Illustration

Cats in Striped Shirts are available from Folksy

Henry and Blaze are both available to buy from my Folksy store.

  • Painted using acrylics on slightly textured watercolour paper
  • Artwork measures approx. 4 x 4 inches (10 x 10cm)
  • Mount measures 6 x 6 inches (15 x 15cm) and 3mm thick
  • Ready to pop in a 6 x 6 inch frame.
  • Mounted using t-hinges (please visit for example diagram – bottom left of article)

Please note: Because the mount is double thickness, please ensure that your frame will still close properly with the painting inside.

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