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A New Set of Quirky Cat Illustrations Heading for Whitby

Fans of my cats will be pleased to know that I have a new set of 8 quirky cat illustrations heading to Whitby Galleries. They’ll be arriving tomorrow and will be ready for sale in time for the school half-term holidays next week. It’s quite a mixed bunch this month with everything from naughty mischievous kitties to friendly tuxes and scared tabbies.

Quirky Cat Illustrations by Lisa Marie Robinson
Clockwise (from top left): Sailors Three, Bit Blustery, and Spilt Milk

Sailors Three sees 2 seafaring tuxedo cats and a mouse sailing the waves on a starry night. My mum likes this one and wants something similar for her staircase. Bit Blustery is a large version of an ACEO I did a few weeks ago when we had all that windy weather and Spilt Milk, I think, speaks for itself!

Quirky Cat Illustrations by Lisa Marie Robinson
Clockwise (from top left): Back Rub, Been in the Wars, and Dear Diary

Back Rub features two tuxedos on top of a chest of drawers with one enjoying a relaxing back rub from the other. Been in the Wars sees a bandaged and sticky plastered kitty (a personal fave this one) who has clearly been fighting with the neighbour, and Dear Diary is another inspired by an ACEO I did a few months ago.

Quirky Cat Illustrations by Lisa Marie Robinson
Window Box Watchers and Don’t Eat in Bed

Window Box Watchers features a black tuxedo cat and a grey tuxedo cat watching the world go by from their window and last but not least, a ginger tabby shows us why it’s not okay to eat in bed. I thought cats were supposed to catch mice?

As always all of these paintings will be available to buy from Whitby Galleries within the next few days Each one is fully framed and priced at £50 each.

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