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Gorgeous Personalized Mom Calling Cards with a Chevron Design

You may already know that I love patterns. I might spend most of my days painting cats and other cute critters but deep down I just can’t resist bold chevrons and designs which would’t go amiss on a pillow or some curtains. It’s been a while since I added anything new to any of my POD stores so a few days ago I sat down and created a set of stylish and contemporary mom calling cards.


They’re not something that I imagine are very popular here in the UK but over in America it’s a completely different story. I love chevrons and the ombr√© (gradual tones from light to dark) effect is very now at the moment so I used those as the basis for my design.

The reverse of these calling cards are completely covered with chevrons but the front text is fully personalizable and has plenty of space for your name, the name of your child or children, and 3 ways of contacting you including your choice of social media. It comes in 6 colour ways; ocean blue, olive green, aubergine purple, citrus orange, hot pink, and chic grey. Hopefully, a color for everyone.

They are available from my LisaMarieDesign Zazzle store with a choice of 11 different types of card stock and the option to have rounded corners. Prices start at $23.95 on Zazzle US and £18.95 on Zazzle UK.

Below you will find links to each color way on both the US and UK Zazzle sites.

Olive Green Chevron Ombre Mom Calling Card — US | UK
Citrus Orange Chevron Ombre Mom Calling Card — US | UK
Chic Grey Chevron Ombre Mom Calling Card — US | UK
Ocean Blue Chevron Ombre Mom Calling Card — US | UK
Hot Pink Chevron Ombre Mom Calling Card — US | UK
Aubergine Purple Chevron Ombre Mom Calling Card — US | UK

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