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It’s National Whipped Cream Day

Happy New Year! I’m officially back to being creative today after a relaxing few weeks off over the Festive period. My creative batteries have recharged, hopefully, and I’m kicking 2015 off to a humorous start with this kitty ACEO.

Cat that Got the Cream ACEO Art

Apparently, January 05 is National Whipped Cream Day. Well, in America it is but I can see such a holiday becoming popular in good old Blighty with cream lovers. I’m not that keen on it myself, I much prefer ice cream!

Anyway, when I found out what day it was I couldn’t resist painting a new ACEO featuring a black cat who has most definitely got the cream, because let’s face it, what cat doesn’t like cream?

Keep an eye out for this one appearing for auction on ebay over the next few days. Happy National Whipped Cream Day!

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