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A Couple of Cute Kitty Halloween ACEO Paintings

Halloween is my favourite time of year and I could literally spend hours just looking at all of the spooky goodies that are currently in the shops. I’ll warn you now, Halloween themed ACEO paintings might be on the agenda until October is out. I can’t help myself, but I promise to paint some non-spooky ones too!

16-09-2014 Halloween Cat ACEO Paintings by Lisa Marie Robinson

So, to kick things off in a spooky way, I have 2 new cat ACEOs up on ebay for auction. The one on the left with the tuxedo and pumpkin is called “Sneaky ‘Lil Mouse”. The mouse in the pumpkin’s eye wasn’t there originally but I felt it was missing something so I added him in.

The painting on the right is called “Snuggling with Scarecrow” and is up for auction for ten days rather than my usual seven. The scarecrow was originally going to have a pumpkin head but I figured the little tabby kitten would be more at ease with a sack headed one. I might paint a pumpkin headed scarecrow next.

Both of these ACEOs are currently listed on ebay and end on the 22nd and 25th of September. You can find them at the link below.

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