Sketches & Work in Progress

Is that a Moustache? Animal sketches with fabulous facial hair!

Hope everyone has had a fantastic start to 2014! I’ve had a relaxing few weeks enjoying the festivities and now it’s back to the grindstone feeling refreshed and creative.

This morning I spent an hour or so sketching a few of the moustachioed critters that I’ve had running around in my head for the past couple of days. They do look rather silly but I have a soft spot for the guinea pig and the owl. Maybe I can work on this ‘animals with moustaches’ idea a bit more and create a new ACEO series. What do you think?

Normally I don’t make New Year resolutions but this year I have. Last year I was a bit of a slacker when it came to sketching so I’ve decided that I’m going to do some sketching and doodling for at least half an hour every other day. Oh, before I go, my first cat ACEO of the New Year will be up for auction on ebay later today so do keep an eye out for that!

Happy Tuesday!

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