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Fuzzy Love Butt – Tuxedo Cat ACEO Auction

As you may have guessed I’m finally back at work after a few relaxing weeks off. Something that I desperately needed in order to refresh the old creative juices. Unfortunately I spent most of it with my painting hand covered in bites and scratches from breaking up a fight between 2 of my degus. The worst bite went right through the knuckle area of my index finger, bled like there was no tomorrow, and then promptly doubled in size. I’ve never felt pain like it and it’s taken the best part of a week to be able to use my finger again albeit still a little sore.

The show must go on though and my first ACEO painting of 2014 is of a sweet tuxedo kitty with big blue eyes and a white heart shaped mark on her fuzzy butt.

This ACEO has now sold.

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