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Paper Sailboats – Cat ACEO

For the past week I’ve been working on a new order of paintings to be sent to Whitby Galleries. It’s a mixed bag of calicos, tuxedos, tabbies and dogs! Yes. Dogs. For a few sneak previews head on over to my Facebook page. Sorry, no doggy previews yet but stay tuned.

So basically, while the rest of the country has been celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, I’ve been painting, and when a bout of creative block struck earlier today guess what I did? I painted some more and used the block to finish off this ACEO which I started last week.

Inspired by the Jubilee, the Thames Pageant, and not being able to be there myself, the calico cat in this ACEO couldn’t go to see the 1000 vessels which sailed down the Thames. So instead, he held his own Jubilee Pageant in the bath tub with paper boats… I however did not have a bath tub Pageant. Although, it would have been fun!

“Paper Sailboats” has now SOLD. Please visit ebay to see current auctions.

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