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Feline Inspiration: Mr Biggles

I know you are all probably wondering where I get inspiration for my cat ACEOs so I thought it about time I revealed all.

His name is Mr Biggles and believe it or not, he is not my cat. I don’t actually have a cat. I used to when I was little… and now that you’ve all picked yourself off the floor, I’ll introduce you to my adopted ‘but-only-when-he-feels-like-it’ kitty.

He belongs to my neighbour and primarily a house cat. When the weather is nice, however, and because my neighbour hasn’t got much in the way of a yard or garden, he ventures out to sun himself in mine.

My Inspiration - Mr Biggles

Some days he’ll love you and others he wants nothing to do with you. He doesn’t like men very much and he’s a huge scaredy cat. He is quite the character and while he may not be a tuxedo like the cats in many of my paintings, each and every one of them has a little bit of Biggles.

One day the pitter patter of paws may grace my floors again but for now, I have more than enough inspiration in Mr Biggles and the cats of the neighbourhood.

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