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The Moon Really Is Made of Cheese!

UPDATE April 4th 8AM — My watercolour paper has arrived and I managed to finish off my latest Space Cat ACEO. “The Moon Really is Made of Cheese!” is now up for auction. Ends on 10 Apr, 2012 at 22:07:21 BST

The Moon Really is made of Cheese - Finished ACEO

Original Post — Here’s a sneak peak at a new Cats in Space ACEO that I’m working on. I’ve only got the asteroids and kitty’s whiskers to paint and I’ll be finished. Planning an early start to finish it so that I can concentrate on a new order for Whitby Galleries.

Moon Really Is Made of Cheese - Cat ACEO by Lisa Marie Robinson

I was hoping that Royal Mail would deliver my watercolour paper today. I only have one sheet and unless I’m a miracle worker, which I’m clearly not, I don’t think I’ll get 10 paintings out of it! Expected delivery date was today too. It better be here tomorrow.

Speaking of Royal Mail. Unfortunately, as of the end of this month, I will be increasing my shipping prices. I haven’t worked out the exact increases yet but you can expect somewhere between £0.20 and £2.00 depending on the service. I’ll post the exact figures when I have them. Personally I think a 30% increase on a 1st Class stamp is ridiculous when they can’t even deliver mail on time.

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