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A Chill in the Air

After what started as a warm winter Mother Nature’s icy grip has finally descended on Britain and there’s a distinct chill in the air… except my area?! While chaos has spread due to snow, ice and plummeting temperatures, my area of the country seems to have it’s own climate compared to the rest of the UK.

Once again the weather forecasters gave me false hope. I wanted snow. I didn’t get any. So instead I’ve been painting it!

Snow Inspired Cat ACEO

It’s a good job kitty has that scarf because it looks mighty cold! My latest cat ACEO is inspired by the English winter countryside with untouched snow in the fields and rickety wooden fences. I used my medium of choice (acrylic) but also used a 0.1mm Uni Pin drawing pen (black) to create the leaf-bare trees.

I’ll be listingThis ACEO has now been SOLD. I also have more wintery scenes planned which will be for sale on Etsy.

The first week of February has also been a sad one. The creative world took quite a hit with the passing of comic book artist Al Rio, a devastating fire at the home of artist Nikki Cutro, and most recently, the passing of award winning Canadian Visual Artist Ruth J Jamieson.

Let’s hope the rest of February is a happy one!

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