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New Cat ACEO: Nothing but Water

Yesterday I started work on a new ACEO. Normally I can get an idea, sketch it, and paint it all in one day but that didn’t happen for some reason. This is as far as I got.

Work in Progress - ACEO - Cat in a Ship

I managed to get it drawn out and some watercolour put down to show what colours were to go where and that was it.

Ships and cats isn’t a new idea surprisingly. I painted a similar themed piece for Whitby Galleries recently and loved painting the waves so much I thought I’d paint another in ACEO format.

Finished ACEO - Nothing but Water

And, here it is. The finished piece. So fresh off the easel I haven’t even trimmed it to size yet! The little mouse looking for land was going to be left out but I felt he added an extra element to the story being told.

Cat and mouse had lost count of the days spent sailing the vast ocean. Just as he had done for many days before today mouse sat on the bill of their ship, the Seafaring Goose, looking for land.

It’s title? After toying around with a few seafaring ideas I settled on “Nothing but Water”. I always name my paintings after I’ve painted them using the time I spend painting to think of a suitable title. I’ve always done it that way.

Nothing but Water is now up for auction on eBay. Ends 24 Jan, 201221:57:47 GMT. Happy Bidding!

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