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New Eco Friendly Packaging for my products!

We all know how bad plastics are for the environment. We throw away tonnes of it. It ends up in rivers, seas, meadows and as a direct result it harms our wildlife. We should all be doing our part to reduce plastic waste and use alternatives when possible. I’ve been using recycled card for a while now but I’ve been working towards introducing 100% eco-friendly packaging for my products.

It’s finally happened… sort of!

I wanted to have 100% eco-friendly alternatives for all of my product packaging before I started to replace the current packaging. Unfortunately, that can’t happen. There just isn’t a wide enough range available. Especially where cello bags are concerned. As a painter and maker I use a lot of cello bags. I use them for protecting original art and prints, storing greeting cards, badges, keyrings, magnets. I use A LOT! Unfortunately, there is only a limited range of sizes available in eco-friendly alternatives.

NATIVIA® bio-based film

Nevertheless, I have switched to using NATIVIA® bags where possible. They are a bio-based packaging film made from Poly-Lactic-Acid which is obtained from corn or other starch/sugar sources. Cool, huh?

It can also be expensive!

It’s a bit of a cache 22 situation. Until more people start switching and requesting more sizes there will always be a limited range and they will always be more expensive than regular cello. As you can imagine, and especially with current global issues, I want to keep costs down for both myself and you the customer. So instead of waiting until I am able to repackage everything, I am doing what I can, when I can.

What products now have 100% eco friendly packaging?

Listings on Folksy & Ebay for products which have the new packaging will mention it in the description. There may also be an accompanying photo.

Products which have already been switched to the new eco-friendly packaging include:

  • Some greeting cards
  • Button badge multi-packs (38mm – packs of 2 and 4 only)
  • Some hand painted Christmas tree decorations
  • Some original mounted artwork & prints
  • Some hand painted magnets

I switched to using recycled kraft card for the majority of my packaging a few years ago. I will continue to use this is combination with standard cello bags for all other packaging. That way my packaging is, at least, partially recyclable.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

If you do buy something from me which still uses the old cello packaging please consider reusing it in some way if you can. If you can’t, dispose of it responsibly. Also consider recycling any paper & card. Most of what I use to package your orders for delivery is recyclable too!

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