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More Sailor Cat Illustrations have arrived at Whitby

Hot on the heels of last month’s selection of Summery and nautical offerings comes yet more sailor cat illustrations! My last set of kitty paintings has almost completely sold out at Whitby. I’ve spent the last few weeks frantically painting more so that they could be in store for the school Summer holidays.

Sailor Cat Illustrations - Whitby July 2018

Sailor Cat Illustrations – Whitby July 2018

The sailor’s from the last order were the first paintings to find new homes. I think there were only 2 last time so I’ve made sure to add a few more this month. Fingers crossed they are just as popular. Even the one with the budget sailor wearing a newspaper hat!

To check which of these paintings are still available to buy please click here

Most of the paintings this month take place at the beach. It is Summer after all. If the cats aren’t basking in the sun, or admiring the views, they’re enjoying a cool beverage at the bar. One kitty in particular is partial to some gin! Not fond of it myself. Much prefer a rum & coke!

Summer Fun Cat Illustrations - Whitby July 2018

Summer Fun Cat Illustrations – Whitby July 2018

Still keeping to a Summery theme, the last couple of painting in this order feature birds. I’ve always loved birds and you don’t often see them around cats. I think that’s probably why I love this combination so much. After ravens, the little garden birds are my favourite. I couldn’t paint them all so I had to settle on a blue tit, and some bullfinches, to accompany the cats!

Cat and Bird Illustrations - Whitby July 2018

Cat and Bird Illustrations – Whitby July 2018

This month there were a couple of surprise additions to the order. Some hanging heart decorations. A new product the staff at Whitby Galleries wanted to try after seeing a couple I previously painted for my Folksy store. I wasn’t sure what to paint on these at first but, since I was already painting them, I figured sailors were a good choice.

Sailor Cat Heart Hanging Decoration

Sailor Cat Heart Hanging Decoration – Tuxedo (Front) & Tabby (Back)

Sailor Cat Heart Hanging Decoration

Sailor Cat Heart Hanging Decoration – Tuxedo (Back) & Tabby (Front)

Hopefully the hearts will do well. One of the lovely ladies at the gallery had the purr-fect idea for Christmas decs, so fingers crossed! I hope you all also like my new kitty paintings. I’ve really enjoyed painting all the Summery themes these past few months. No rest for me yet though as I’m now painting 2 of my larger 12 x 12″ paintings which are also destined for Whitby!

Purchase and pricing details for the current order can be found below. Bye for now!


The paintings (and decorations) featured in this post can only be bought from the Penny Hedge Gallery at Whitby Galleries. Before going on sale, they are beautifully mounted and professionally framed by the gallery. If you are interested in making a purchase, or would like to reserve a painting, please contact one of the friendly members of staff at the gallery. Orders can be taken by phone, email, or by popping in to the gallery.

All paintings are approximately 5 x 5 inches with a 11.5 x 11.5 inch frame.

All Paintings Whitby Galleries July 2018

Full list of paintings

1 – Beach Goer – SOLD
2 – Budget Sailor – SOLD
3 – He’s Finally Asleep – SOLD
4 – Bullfinch Bush – SOLD
5 – Drifting Dreamer – SOLD
6 – Incoming Tide – SOLD
7 – Quite the Catch – SOLD
8 – Sailor’s Cove – SOLD
9 – It’s Gin o’Clock – SOLD
10 – Petite Pete – SOLD

For the Hanging Heart Decorations, please ask gallery for price

* information correct as of May 10th 2019.

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