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Work in Progress: A bear wearing a Fez and a cactus!

As usual, I have a bunch of unfinished art piling up again. I still have pieces from months ago which I’m not happy with but recently I’ve been trying my hand at some paintings suitable for kids that featuring cute animal characters. Kids love bears, I know I did and still do, so I’ve kicked thimgs off with a bear in a fez!

Bear wearing a Fez Painting - Work in Progress

Bear wearing a fez illustration – work in progress

Why a bear wearing a fez? Not sure. He originally started out as just a bear but he was lacking something. So, I decided to give him a hat and thought he’d look cool in a fez. If they’re good enough for the 11th Doctor, then they’re good enough for my bear. I’ve already spent longer than I’d like on this painting. As long as I don’t decide to change the background again, it used to be blue, I think he’s almost there. I think I’ll paint a polar bear next.

Cactus in Pot - Work in Progress

Potted Cactus Mini Painting – Work in Progress

Everyone I know loves a cactus and my plan for this piece was to get the old gouache out and do a little 5″ x 3″ mixed media painting along with some fineliners. Turns out I’m more rusty than I thought so my flowering cactus painting is now mostly acrylics. I think this one is finished but I want to paint a few more before I put them up for sale in my Folksy store.

Fox and Rabbit ACEO - Work in Progress

Fox and Rabbit ACEO art cards – work in progress

I also have a few ACEO art cards in my to do pile. I started both of these a few months back but keep getting side tracked with other arty projects. Mainly cat related! The fox has been pretty straight forward but the rabbit has been a nightmare. He was originally a white rabbit with black ears. I thought he looked a bit odd so I made him brown, which made his navy bow tie become lost in the brownness. So I painted it yellow, and now it’s green!

Next up, I have plans to create some greeting cards using the new Sharpie markers I bought this week. Lots of ideas floating around at the moment so I best get my work in progress pile finished Hoping to have everything you see here, plus more, ready for sale in the next few weeks!

Have a great weekend!

Barnabas the Fez wearing Bear, the potted cactus, and the bow tie wearing bunny ACEO are now all available to buy in my Folksy store. Visit Folksy »

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