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Whitby Galleries

New Cat Art at Whitby Galleries this Month

If it feels like I was just recently talking about having a new order of cat art at Whitby Galleries you’d be right. I packed up and posted the July order of 8 paintings exactly 3 weeks ago today. 10 days later I received an email asking for 10 more ASAP as stocks were already running low!

So, as you can imagine, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for the past week to get this new order done and ready for sale before the end of the Summer Holidays.

New Cat Art at Whitby Galleries - August 2016

I had a lot of fun painting these, especially the grey artist tabby cat (above left). I didn’t realise I’d hidden the dirty artist’s palette behind kitty when I took the photo. Oops, too late now! Anyway, there is one there. I’d love to say that this is my desk but mine’s is no way near as tidy!

New Cat Art at Whitby Galleries - August 2016

Thought I’d try out a new type of cat in this order. I tend to always stick to the more common kitties but I’ve included a Birman ragdoll type to test the water. I’ve done a few commissions recently of Persians so I’m hoping this one will be well received.

New Cat Art at Whitby Galleries - August 2016

Another personal favourite is the sleeping kitty on the bookshelf. Mainly because I love vintage books and used my own collection as reference for the books in the painting. Of course, I had to change the titles to be more fitting for a cat!

New Cat Art at Whitby Galleries - August 2016

To wrap things up for this order I thought I’d include a few more Whitby themed kitties. Anyone local, or visiting the town should (hopefully) recognise these locations. The Black Horse, White Horse & Griffin, and R A Willison on Wellington Road.


They will be arriving at Whitby Galleries by the weekend and should be available for sale soon after (Monday 15th August onwards)! Orders can be taken by phone and home delivery can be arranged. As always, please contact the galleries directly with any enquiries about these paintings. Each one is fully framed and the artwork itself measures approximately 5″ x 5″.

Have a great weekend and a huge thank you to everyone who has purchased my artwork from Whitby Galleries!

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