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Product News

Cat Illustration & Cute Character Drawstring Bags Have Arrived

Redbubble have been really spoiling their artists and designers of late. First it was leggings, then came pencils skirts, and now they have some rather awesome drawstring bags!

Tuxedo cat and Toy Duck drawstring bag

Sleeping Cat and Angel Cat drawstringbags

I’ve been beavering away since their release adding my illustrations and designs to them and the more I add, the more I love them. For fans of my cat illustrations I have a good number of bags featuring my most popular paintings. My personal favourites are the three above, Scared Tux with Toy Duck, Book Love, and Guardian Angel.

Lovestruck Cow with Hearts drawstring bag

Cute Polar Bear and French Hen drawstringbags

A lot of my patterns and vector based illustrations have also been added to the new bags including my infamous lovestruck cow, a new Polar Bear character wearing a propeller hat, and a quirky French Hen. Can’t wait to see what product they add next!

View my drawstring bag collection on Redbubble

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