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Get those Chores Done with these Cute Post-it® Notes for Kids

There aren’t many people who like doing chores and kids can sometimes be the worst offenders. Don’t blame them to be honest because even as an adult I prefer playing my favourite video game to dusting my desk!

How do you encourage your kids to do some chores? Well, one way could be to get them a super cute ‘Things To Do’ list so I designed these especially with kids in mind using some of my cute characters.

Cute Post-it® Notes for Kids

For girls who love panda bears we have a super cute and very yellow Panda Post-it® note pad and for girls who love aliens there’s a space themed one which features an awesome pink alien flying around in her flying saucer. Both can be personalized and have space on each page for up to 7 chores, or other things to do.

Cute Owl Post-it® Notes for Kids

My final 2 designs are aimed at kids who love owls. One features a happy pink owl and the other, a blue-green owl. Unfortunately I don’t have many designs for boys (need to work on that) but the blue-green owl design could work for boys as well as girls. Like the other designs, these can also be personalized with space for up to 7 chores per page.

  1. Pink Alien in Flying Saucer Post-it® Notes (BawlingBunny on Zazzle)
  2. Peekaboo Panda Post-it® Notes (LisaMarieDesign on Zazzle)
  3. Happy Pink Owl Post-it® Notes (IckleCritters on Zazzle)
  4. Peekaboo Owl Post-it® Notes (IckleCritters on Zazzle)

4 super cute Post-it® notes to help your kids get those chores done. I think I might have to get the Panda one for myself!

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